Welcome to
Baseball Career Boot Camp.

The Bootcamp begins with the Resume Review and Consultation Service. From there, depending on your experience and your goals, Ms. Wagner will recommend next steps or additional services.

Teams have begun sending us open positions that they need filled.  Recommendations and introductions though come only after completion of the Resume Review and Consultation.



  • Resume Review and Consultation - You can't begin to land your dream job until you have a strong and clearly written resume.  Sign up for this service, submit your current resume, get a .pdf returned with detailed notes and then review those notes with Johanna Wagner in a one-on-one phone call.   From there, you and Johanna can determine your next steps.


  • Resume Starter 2013- Having trouble getting started creating your resume?  Worrying about what format and layout will best express your personal brand? Download Johanna's sample resume with notes on layout and structure to help you get started showing off your experience!


  •   Office Hours- Available without completing the Resume Review and Consultation.  Get some quick and personal advice during Johanna's office hours- each weekday between 4pm and 5pm EST as needed.  Sign-up by 2pm to get scheduled for that day!   Limited space available each day.


Johanna Wagner is a media consultant for several Major League Baseball teams, and Major League Baseball Players.  In her former role as an adjunct Professor at New York University's Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management, she worked with students to help them find and succeed in internships with various sports organizations.  She also prepared and accompanied 6 select NYU students to the Winter Meetings in 2010, where  5 received job or internship offers for the following season, as well as networked with many figures from the baseball world. Johanna has also worked with many of the media relation departments, and has come to know many in operations departments for several teams.  She understands who the key decision-makers are and what they are looking for, as many have spoken to her about what candidates could have done better. 


Baseball Career Boot Camp is in no way affiliated with Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball or with the PBEO job fair.